A new era begins ,Haike Future Mansion comes into service officially

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On the morning of March 21, Haike Group held a grand opening ceremony of the Future Mansion in the Eco Valley of Dongying Economic and Technological Development Zone.

After 30 years of development, Haike Group has developed into a diversified multinational enterprise group integrating petrochemical energy, special chemicals, new energy materials, Internet logistics, and medicine. Achieved sales revenue of 66 billion yuan in 2019, and successively won honors such as “National High-tech Enterprise”, “Top 500 Chinese Enterprises”, “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project”, “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Pilot Demonstration Project Enterprise” and other honors title.

The future building has a total investment of 180 million yuan and a construction area of 23,000 square meters. It was designed by the well-known American design company Lawrence and can accommodate more than 3,000 people. It has an open office area, an integrated video conference room, and an intelligent conference-training multifunctional hall. , Human-machine interactive digital exhibition hall, through the creation and design of four major sections: smart hub, smart security, smart buildings, big data analysis, etc., to achieve intelligent meeting management, intelligent visitor and personnel positioning, intelligent parking management, intelligent work station management, Visual central monitoring is a modern comprehensive office building integrating office, meeting, training, and reception. The interior design starts with the brand logo that interprets the concept of “new ecology driving force” of Hi-Tech brand, extracts the logo line as the theme element of the space design, combines the basic image style elements of the brand to set off the space atmosphere, and conveys Hi-Tech ’s “new ecology, Openness and innovation. " The landscape design adopts a welcoming, modern, streamlined, and concise design language, which has transformed Haike Future Building into a new office district where employees can enjoy work and life. The lush woods, bushes and endless streams of water are perfectly integrated with Haike's brand logo to create a harmonious and natural park landscape, which perfectly interprets Haike's corporate mission of "creating a green world".

Future Mansion strives to build the innovation research and development center, talent training center and digital operation center of Haike Group.

Mini Dolphin is the output of Hitech's transformation from an industrial enterprise to a service enterprise. The company takes "do the best gas station in the world" as its mission, "let everyone enjoy high-quality green life" as its vision, "light luxury, internationalization" as its brand concept, and "cartoonization and intelligence" For service positioning, "urbanization and community" as the regional positioning, reshape the new image of gas stations, and provide customers with a full range of experiential services. With the help of a digital operating system, the gas station industry ecological model is innovated, and a maker culture, agile organization, and an industry-leading business model are created. A network of 500+ petrol stations will be realized in 2025, with an operating income of 50 billion yuan, to build the first brand of China's private gas stations.

The Haike Research Institute has two major R & D bases in Dongying and Shanghai. It has 15 PhDs, and has invested more than 200 million yuan in R & D in 2019. It has newly applied for 145 patents, achieving a 100% increase in R & D investment and patent applications. The institute will use customer-centric value guidance to determine research and development and project search directions, overcome core key technologies, advance the deployment of leading technologies for electronic chemicals and new energy materials, actively cultivate high-tech industries, and extend to the high end of the industrial value chain. Technology leads to the breakthrough of Haike business.

Focusing on the mission of “cultivating value creators with operational excellence and innovation capabilities,” the Academy of Science and Technology upholds the learning philosophy of “activating life and driving the future”, and strives to make it a “change promotion center, knowledge sharing center, and talent echelon center” With business development partners. " At present, there are more than 430 internal trainers, more than 200 international front-line lecturers, and 31 lean six sigma black belts and 67 green belts. It has cooperated with more than 150 universities at home and abroad to realize the co-education of school-enterprise talents; fully leverage digital online learning The role of the platform is to create a “Network University” of Hi-Tech, to realize the rapid sharing of knowledge and the continuous empowerment of employees, to cultivate super agile super employees and digital experts, and to provide talent support for the promotion and improvement of agile organizations.

Haike Group will take the opening of the Future Building as a new starting point, aim at the world's benchmark enterprises, adhere to the "two-wheel drive" strategy of innovative development and operational excellence, create an ecological enterprise combining innovation and customer orientation, and move towards the world's top 500 companies. Striving for the grand goal of.