Prevent Epidemic,Haike keeps going on all the time

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Recently, in order to help win the fight against new-type coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, Haike Group moved quickly and donated 13 million yuan to support the epidemic prevention work. At the same time, its subsidiary Hebang Company did not hesitate to sacrifice nearly half of the profit, changed the process, and worked overtime 24 hours to ensure the timely supply of disinfectant, more than 20 tons of disinfectant (equivalent to more than 800 tons of 84 disinfectant after blending), more than 1,000 liters 75 % Ethanol has been sent to the relevant departments at all levels in the urban area. Little dolphin gas stations across the country work shifts 24 hours a day, always sticking to gas stations, and providing customers with free masks, so that "extreme experience-based service" is uninterrupted. Haike Group's charitable aid has been reported by more than 10 media headlines.

The development of Heike Group is inseparable from the care, support and help of party committees and governments at all levels. In the special period of fighting the new coronavirus epidemic, Heike will use practical actions to fulfill its social responsibility and mission, and do a good job for all employees. While protecting, actively donate emergency supplies for prevention and control, and fully protect the life, health and safety of the people in their hometown. Heike believes that under the strong leadership of the party and government, and under the joint efforts of the whole society. We will definitely win this epidemic sniper war!